Plethora Solutions

This Product is a proprietary development stage pharmaceutical although the European MAA has been authorized by the European Commission. Information contained on this website is provided for business development and investor relations purposes only. Patients who suffer or believe they suffer from PE should contact their physician in the first instance.

Plethora Solutions PLC

Plethora Solutions (AIM: PLE) is a speciality pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and marketing of products for the treatment and management of urological disorders.

The diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions represents an expanding market with many poorly met medical needs that offer significant commercial potential for new pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

The Company's principal product is a treatment remedy for male premature ejaculation.

Introducing The answer to PE

More than 25 million men across Europe alone suffer from premature ejaculation (PE), for which there is no known cure. As well as the physical and sexual issues associated with PE, it can also cause extreme emotional distress.

Following the regulatory authorization by the European in November 2013, the Company’s product is the first treatment for PE to be authorized in all EU/EEA countries.